Distinguished Speaker Series

Taking place three afternoons per week during the fellowship

National leaders from government, business, journalism, the military, and the academy will discuss important topics of public policy and political thought with the student body. These discussions provide insights into the true nature of public service and the country’s most pressing issues. Listed below are the distinguished speakers of 2019.

The Ten Commandments: Principles of a Humanistic Politics

Leon R. Kass, Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

The Role of Think Tanks in Policy Making

Sarah May Stern, Chairman of the Board, Hudson Institute
Kenneth R. Weinstein, President and CEO, Hudson Institute

Crafting International Alliances

Walter Russell Mead, Distinguished Scholar, Hudson Institute

National Security in Age of the Internet

General Michael Hayden, Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency

The Truth(s) of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Leon R. Kass, senior fellow, American Enterprise Institute

Public Service and National Leadership

Senator Tom Cotton, United States Senate

The Future of American Political Parties

William Galston, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
William Kristol, Editor at Large, The Weekly Standard

Making National Security

Nadia Shadlow, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

The Future of American Political Parties

Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor, The Federalist

Remarks on Citizenship, Public Service, and Current Affairs

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, United States Senate

Gulliver’s Travels and the Advent of Modernism

Harvey C. Mansfield, Professor, Harvard University

Technology, Science and Innovation

Charles Vaughan, Chief of Staff, Thiel Capitol

The Evolution of the Digital Jihad

Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligence Correspondent, Fox News