Areas of Expertise

  • Nietzsche
  • Postmodern Philosophy
  • Rome

Michael W. Grenke

Tutor, St. John's College Annapolis

Areas of Expertise

    NietzschePostmodern PhilosophyRome

Michael W. Grenke is a member of the senior faculty at St. John’s College. He has taught at both the Santa Fe and Annapolis campuses. He has also taught at the University of New Hampshire, Boston College, and Michigan State University. He has published two translations of Nietzsche, On the Future of Our Educational Institutions and Prefaces to Unwritten Works. Another translation of Nietzsche and a translation of Euclid’s Optics are forthcoming soon. He has published articles on Nietzsche and on Heidegger in various academic journals. He recently wrote the introduction for Lise van Boxel’s posthumously published book, Warspeak: Nietzsche’s Victory Over Nihilism.