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The China Threat

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The People’s Republic of China poses the most significant national security threat the free world has faced since the end of the Cold War. Recently the American awakening to this threat has ushered forth a whole-of-society effort to combat this epic challenge. Consequently, the demands for a deeper understanding of the Chinese communist system--its strategic intent, its capabilities, and modus operandi-- and for concrete counter steps, have skyrocketed. In this workshop candidates will be introduced to the work of Hudson Institute’s China Center, which specializes in providing timely, informed and strategic research and policy specifically tailored to face the China threat. They will study China, investigate the growing threat of the CCP, and strategize solutions under the guidance of America’s top China experts.


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Miles Yu

Miles Yu is a senior fellow and director of the China Center at Hudson Institute. Dr. Yu is also a professor of East Asia and military and naval history at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Dr. Yu specializes in Chinese strategic culture, US and Chinese military & diplomatic history, and US policy toward China. Before coming to Hudson, Dr. Yu was China policy adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


Candidates will test their skills of negotiation and strategic planning during a war game in the South China Sea. This collaborative tabletop exercise relies on candidates’ practical knowledge and responsiveness to circumstances. Candidates wrestle with policy problems and workshop policy solutions amid realistic situational pressures.


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Capstone Project

Candidates will showcase their newly gained policy insight by completing their choice of an op-ed or policy memo. Projects are due a week after the end of the program and will be assessed by the committee upon the basis of their strategic soundness, original analysis, and grasp of the policy area. The quality of this project will determine if candidates are awarded the policy certificate.


Thank you for your interest in Hudson Institute Political Studies!

Our Policy Certificate Program is seeking an accomplished cohort of early career professionals who demonstrate capability and interest in American foreign and domestic policy issues. The selection committee will consider a candidate's subject matter expertise, creative thinking, writing ability, and professional background.
Applicants should meet the following criteria:
• Undergraduate degree holder
• Professional experience
• Demonstrated policy expertise in one or more relevant areas
• Highly competent writer and researcher