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Emerging Technologies and National Security

Course Description

Emerging technologies promise solutions to approaching crises from energy to climate. Artificial intelligence and transhumanist technologies make similar promises to alter human life and identity for the better. Yet, at the same time, it has become too easy for states to place their populations under surveillance, collect behavioral data, and practice predictive policing. The conflicts in Ukraine and Israel have demonstrated how technology has made information, disinformation, and public relations an increasingly important aspect of warfare. Technological advancement is complicating American national security and empowering our enemies, while offering ways of engaging in warfare without risking American lives. How can we understand the effect of technological advancement on human life—and on policy-making at home and abroad? This workshop will consider these topics and how technology will shape our future.

Course Schedule:

Thursday, February 29: 5-8 pm

Friday, March 1: 9:30 am - 8:30 pm

Saturday, March 2: 10:30 am - 6 pm


During interactive simulations, participants test their skills of negotiation, strategic planning, and crisis management under expert guidance.

Highlighted Seminars

- Is there a Human Future?

- Emerging Technology and Modern Warfare

- Digital Authoritarianism


Course Dates

Application Deadline

February 26, 2024


Hudson Institute
1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW, #400
Washington, DC 20004

Capstone Project

Candidates will showcase their newly gained policy insight by completing their choice of an op-ed or policy memo. Projects are due a week after the end of the program and will be assessed by the committee upon the basis of their strategic soundness, original analysis, and grasp of the policy area. The quality of this project will determine if candidates are awarded the policy certificate.


Thank you for your interest in Hudson Institute Political Studies!

Our Policy Certificate Program is seeking an accomplished cohort of early career professionals who demonstrate capability and interest in American foreign and domestic policy issues. The selection committee will consider a candidate's subject matter expertise, creative thinking, writing ability, and professional background.
Applicants should meet the following criteria:
• Undergraduate degree holder
• Professional experience
• Demonstrated policy expertise in one or more relevant areas
• Highly competent writer and researcher