Summer Fellowship

Hudson Insitute Political Studies offers top undergraduates a fellowship in political theory and practice that will broaden and deepen their understanding of public policy and American political principles. Students participate free of charge, reside in complimentary accommodations, and receive a $3,000 stipend to offset travel and other ancillary expenses. The 2023 Summer Fellowship will be held from June 18 to July 29, 2023.

The core of Hudson Institute Political Studies is a six-week summer program for undergraduates and recent graduates, based in Washington, D.C., and offered to roughly 54 students.

This program includes four components:

- Rigorous seminars led by master teachers on topics in political theory and public policy. Each of the six, week-long seminars students will take during the program engage them in serious discussion of foundational political texts.

- A series of policy workshops led by policy analysts and experienced government officials. In these weekly workshops, students actively engage in the policy-making process.

- A distinguished speaker series where national leaders from government, business, journalism, the military, and the academy provide unmatched insight into the true nature of public service and the country’s most pressing issues.

- A series of outings and events, where students travel to places of national and historical interest in order to view politics through other lenses: including art, history, and military decision-making.

Policy Certificate

The Policy Certificate Program gathers talented early career professionals for advanced study of American foreign and domestic policy, and national security led by policy experts and experienced government officials. 

Successful policy solutions combine strategic vision with nuanced understanding of complex problems. To this end, each of Hudson’s policy certificate workshops covers a distinct region or topic ranging from military strategy and technology to energy security and criminal justice reform. Through rigorous engagement with the theory and practice of strategic policy planning, the program instills certificate candidates with practical knowledge of today’s most critical policy areas.

Workshops are led by experts at Hudson Institute. The Program is fully funded and takes place in Washington, D.C., Thursday-Saturday during select weeks.

Please note that there is a separate application and admissions process for each workshop.

Program Overview:

Throughout five intensive expert-led seminar modules, candidates learn the intellectual tradition, historical background and political terrain of a policy area.

During interactive simulations candidates test their skills of negotiation, strategic planning, and crisis management.

At the Keynote Dinner a distinguished expert in the field will give an off-the-record talk illustrating his or her approach to political strategy and effective policy planning.

Candidates will showcase their newly gained policy insight by completing a capstone project their choice of an op-ed or policy memo

Hudson Institute

Hudson Institute is a public policy research organization (or think tank) whose experts seek to promote American leadership, in concert with allies, for the advancement of our security, prosperity, and freedom. Hudson’s analysts work to lead debates about defense and diplomatic strategy, free speech and religious liberty, technological innovation, trade and energy policy, economic growth, and a range of other critical issues.

Support for Hudson Institute Political Studies is generously provided by the Sarah Scaife Foundation, Walter and Betsy Stern, the David Family Foundation, the Philip M. McKenna Foundation, the Iris Ramsey and Julianne O’Gara Memorial Fund, the Bradley Impact Fund, the Sutton Family Foundation, the Hudson Institute Political Studies Alumni Scholarship Fund, contributions in honor of Joseph J. Pagano, and by private donations.